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Builsa North District Assembly

The Builsa North District Assembly is one of the thirteen (13) Municipal and District Assemblies in the Upper East Region established by LI 2148 in 2012 with Sandema as its administrative capital. The District covers an estimated land area of 816.44030 km2 and constitutes about 12.1% of the total land area of the Upper East Region.


The District has a projected population of 67,190 (33,018 males and 34,172 females) which is predominantly youthful in nature with a total fertility rate of 3.6. More than 90% of the population is found in rural settlements. The age-dependency ratio of the district is 88.0.


The main occupation in the district is skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery, employing 69.8 percent of employed population aged 15 years and older. The private informal sector constitutes 91.6 percent of the employed population aged 15 years and older.


About 3.4% of the population have some sort of disability with sight disability (35.7%) being the dominant. The proportion of female PWDs is a little higher (50.5%) than that of the males (49.5%).

Handing over of Nyansa JHS Block


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